50/50 Cotton/Tencel Mix Hotel 300T Crack Design Duvet Cover/Pillow Case
SizeDescription Hemming 

Duvet Cover

(Duvet Slip)

Ex-king, King,Queen,


50% cotton,50% tencel,300 crack design fabric,bleaching and mercerizing to make it white,whole process Bag Model with central opening , no inside flap, 5 cm plain hem at bottom opening, 20cm strings at 4 corners, with 2 sides vents 10cm width 10cm from top 

Bed Sheet

(flat sheet)

Ex-king, King,Queen,


5cm plain hem at top and bottom, 1cm hems on two lateral sides

Pillow Case

(pillow cover)

King, Standard 4 Borders model, each border 5cm, inside flap 20cm

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